4/21 Kensington Club

6/18 Second Wind Santee

Mojave Green is the Alpha doomish beast of heavy rock hailing from the eclectic underworld of the San Diego music scene. Breathing stark musical prowess upon the necks of heroes and legends who have gone before. Mojave Green treads forth into untouched musical territory and establishes it's domain. Veterans Shawn Upchurch and Tim McCabe's organic, thick guitar tones challenge any marauder, and Danny Wasson's vintage Bonhamesque battle drums threaten mighty hordes. Kevin J's deep and stylish bass lines wrap their dark fingers around the throats of intruding assassins, and vocalist Mike Hemphill Mariotti's melodic war cries and poetic enchantments restrain the dragon and confuse the wizard.

Mojave Green is a unique, energetic, tasteful and skilled musical collective with feel, soul and depth. Their stage show is lively and energetic, combining mystery and dark themes with heavy grooves, attention grabbing interludes and rock the house grinds!Each talented member of this formidable force is part of the creative process, making for fresh blend of styles, solid songwriting, and a strong bond of unity among the artists. Mojave Green are unlike any other heavy band, and have only just begun to tap their unlimited potential. RISE!!!!